Development Squad

Do you want to row for the OUBC Development Squad?

OUBC runs a Development Squad to provide coaching, training and racing experience for aspiring novice rowers and coxswains. Although the OUBC squad often includes experienced internationals, the squads also include a number of rowers and coxswains who learnt to row while at university and have just one or two years experience with the Development Squad.

14 rowers in the last 6 years have come through the Development Squad, which is particularly impressive given OUBC’s success in both races in the last decade. Athletes include both winning Blues and Isis rowers, such as Alec Dent, Ben Myers, Dan Harvey and Alex Woods. There have even been winning Blues who learnt to row while at Oxford, such as Ian Gardner (1992, 1993).

The Development Squad is available to any Oxford University student and those who have been awarded places at the university for next year. It is completely free and provides prospective OUBC rowers with a training programme, OUBC boats and coaching sessions, access to the OUBC gym, physiological testing, and the opportunity to race in summer regattas such asĀ Henley Royal Regatta.

If you are interested in joining the OUBC Development Squad or you would like more information or advice about getting into the OUBC squad, please contact the Assistant Coach, Brendan Gliddon, using the contact form.

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